Sunday, May 27, 2007

i am a complete jerk

it was just one of those mornings when you snap at everything.

andrew is amazing and fixes breakfast for me nearly every morning. some days its putting the cereal box near the milk and some days its crepes with a variety of toppings and fillings. today was egg sandwiches.

i got into the kitchen to make my coffee about the time the eggs were sizzling in the skillet. i watched rather confused as andrew poured some egg beaters on top of the real eggs. and then i went off to find my shoes and lip stuff and whatever else. meanwhile andrew finished the eggs, melted the cheese, toasted the bread, etc.

i couldn't get the entire extra big egg to fit right on top the toast and the stupid melty cheese kept sliding around and i burnt my finger. so i snapped at him. you've seen the sitcoms; it was an instabitch moment complete with fiery dragon breath and burning lazor eyes. i was a wild maniac and hollard things like, "i hate it when you use egg beaters!" and "my sandwich is ruined!" when i came to my senses and felt quite terrible, i mumbled something about being awfully sorry.

he looked at me and his huge brown puppy dog eyes started to water. "you always get so hungry around ten so i thought if you have a little more eggy protein in your sandwich, you would have a better morning..."

i don't know if you sat and thought for days, if you could come up with something to say that would have made me look like a bigger jerk. i already felt like a scumbag before he explained how he is the most thoughtful human being i know.

so i'm a complete jerk. and i need to come up with something wonderfully special to do for him.


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