Sunday, May 06, 2007

go baby go!

so friday afternoon i was pretty blah. you might have noticed from my last entry. but things have worked out ok. i was driving home on friday when it started to rain. (now, back in kentucky when there was a forecast for lots of snow, everyone made a mad dash to the store for milk and bread. here, when it rains, i really think everyone runs out for beer and cigerats.) so anyway, driving home, starts to rain. its really sunny here. every day. really sunny. so nearly everytime it rains, there is a rainbow. i'm driving home. i see the rainbow. and i swear to you, it really looked like it was coming straight out of the suncoast hotel and casino. i'm telling you that's were the pot of gold is. and that's where we ended up watching the derby. and that's where i bet on the derby and my horse won. i've practically never won anything in my life. i'm about the most unlucky person. but my horse won! i sang the state song, i yelled go baby go, i collected my winnings and promptly spent them at wallmart, i had a great derby day after all.


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