Sunday, May 13, 2007

dirty dishes

andrew and i apparently have a vastly different definitions of how well one needs to rinse the dishes before one puts them into the dishwasher. i'm the sort to wave the dirty plate in the general direction of the sink while he is the type to scrub until the plate is already actually clean and then put it into the dishwasher. i've started to have discussions about this. i have nearly uttered sentences that start with: why bother putting the plate into the dishwasher, its already clean. and then i come to my senses and remember that he is a boy and is volunteering to do the dishes and unless i want to do them all, i should let him do the dishes in whatever manner he sees fit.

the problem is that i can't always tell if the dishwasher is filled with clean or dirty dishes. you don't have to wonder or think or guess when i'm filling the dishwasher. so while andrew was getting lunchy sandwichy stuff out of the fridge, i set about getting plates and forks and such. for whatever reason, i got the glasses and the forks from the cabinets and got the plates from the dishwasher. we had our lunch. then andrew walked over to the dishwasher, and after having throughly completely scrubbed, i mean rinsed, the dishes, he put them back into the dishwasher. at which point, i tried to ever so casually ask, "oh, is the dishwasher clean or, um, dirty?" and he looked at me and replied, "so, from where exactly did you get the lunch plates?"

obviously if they were clean enough that we ate on them a second time and didn't realize they were dirty, then we should either rinse less or skip putting them into the dishwasher all together.


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