Tuesday, April 24, 2007

calamity might be my middle name

the window washer fell on me and we both nearly died. except with slightly less drama and a bit more laughter.

at work we hire a company to periodically wash the office windows. apparently our housekeeping staff doesn't do windows. so yesterday a couple of fairly dirty men pulled up in a remarkably dirty van and cleaned our windows. my first thought was wondering how they could manage to leave something cleaner than when they found it. well, they did have to go around the outside windows twice.

then they came inside.

my office is kind of cramped. mostly due to the excessive number of filing cabinets lining two of the walls. so when the guy came into my office to wash the windows mostly behind me, that left me mostly trapped at my desk.

he said, "don't be startled, but i'm right behind you."

and then he fell off his ladder, rammed me more into my desk, hit his head on the wall, and slid down the wall. there was no blood but he did leave a mark on the wall. and also broke the mini blinds. the ladder he had been standing on looked like it was made of aluminum foil. it certainly crumpled like it was made out of aluminum foil.

i felt kind of bad for the guy. and also all afternoon my coworkers kept teasing me about how guys are always falling for me.


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