Saturday, May 12, 2007

random updates

third time's the charm. i got my third las vegas hair cut today and i don't wish to weep. i'll go back again to style america in the boca park strip mall.

andrew is finally participating in las vegas national guard today. last month was his first weekend and he went to the capital for in processing. he had to be on base and ready to workout today at 0630. first off, he had the nerve to turn on the bedroom light while getting dressed. and then he had every intension of leaving the light on once he was finished. he thought i was going to get up too and go to the apartment gym to work out. he was mistaken.

there are two people in my department at work. the other woman outranks me, but only minimally. i've often wondered how she spends her day. turns out that was a good question to have. she was out of the office all this past week and productivity did not decrease. chaos did not ensue. actually, i managed to finish some of her projects after i finished mine.

a few weeks ago we bought the game of life. we are currently at: christen 4, andrew 1. last night he finally beat me (but only by some pidly amount like five cents while my four wins were by millions) and so he is toying with the idea of retiring the game now.

i guess that's really about everything.


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