Saturday, April 28, 2007

365 days left

yesterday i turned 29! since 2008 is a leap year, today i still have 365 days left in my twenties. i think this was one of the best birthdays ever.

andrew fixed crepes for breakfast. one time long ago, i read a little article about how some sap had felt terrible for all the sugar that humming birds ate, so they mixed up the red food using sweetnlow or something. the little humming birds ate and ate but their little tummies were still empty, not having any sugar in them, and so they died. i kind of felt like the little humming birds yesterday morning. my sausage was turkey. my crepes were made with egg beaters. the toppings were all sugar free. my milk was skim. but then i ate a whole box of creme puffs! and i had fish n chips for lunch and chocolate rum cake for dinner. so it was good to have such a sensible breakfast.

here we are out for an evening birthday celebration:


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