Wednesday, April 25, 2007

disaster strikes again

hopefully this isn't the second of three catastrphies. first the window washer, now the master bedroom closet, what could be next?

we were quietly eating our dinner last night when we heard the most awful noise and saw the cat scamper by. that's really a sign of instant blame. guiltily scampering by after a crashing sound. turns out it wasn't zoe, or at least we couldn't figure out how she could have single handedly done this: the entire master bedroom walk in closet collapsed in a heap. all the shelving just pitched themselves off the walls and onto the floor. it was like something out of a tom hanks movie. you can just picture him hanging the very last shirt up, calling to his wife to come view the finished project, and as she enters the room, with his back to the closet, the entire thing avalanches to the floor.

andrew thinks he can fix it. i think we should call maintence to come fix it. i guess we'll see when i get home tonight which of us was right on that one.


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