Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i have only a few more hours left in virginia

then its back to the airport. whew.

my rental car was a dud. apparently last time they change the oil on it, they sorta forgot to put more oil back in. i don't mind doing car maintenence on my own car, but i'm not really big on doing it for my rental.

i did drive by the strangest place. "the tavern: a pancake house." really. i found a pancake tavern. ha! the place looked pretty sketchy so i didn't go in, just stared and drove on.

otherwise its just been work work work lately. i'll be glad to get home tonight. at least there when people complain about how hot it is, they have something to complain about. its in the 80s here and people think the world is ending. that's thirty degrees cooler. thirty!


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