Monday, July 02, 2007

another haircut, another weirdo

i went back to the same salon that gave me the great hair cut a month ago. the stylist wasn't there which meant i had to take whoever was free. brian. he kind of had peewee herman hair so i wasn't entirely sure i wanted to let him cut my hair. but he did a fair job. except he was also very animated about it. you know those stylists that are all about waving the sissors all in the air and throwing the cut hair everywhere, makes you think of edward sissorhands. at one point, he was studying my hair and said, "yeah, that's great, i'm the man..." i blinked a dozen times and nearly said, "dude, you have fruit punch mouth, get a life," but since the cut wasn't over, i didn't want to upset him. it did turn out to be a great cut.


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