Saturday, June 30, 2007

exciting week

andrew had a job interview last monday. it went well. since it was a go'ment job, we aren't looking to hear from them for a little while more but have high hopes.

then andrew had his pt test with national guard on friday. he passed all tests, some with remarkable gains. he shaved over two minutes off of his two mile run time, down to 15.15. hooray!

and i've taken on what is more or less a part time job, but with my company. so i do this one job, monday to friday. and now i'm doing a second job only on saturday. today was my second saturday and i think its going to work out well. i'm finally getting the experience and additional training to be able to work on the projects that really interest me rather than the stuff i currently get assigned to do. i'm happy (over worked and tired) but happy.


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