Friday, June 15, 2007

work funnies

its been a stressful week.

on monday we remembered that andrew's insurance with the army ends 6/16. yeah. monday was 6/11. there aren't really enough days in between those dates to process something like work insurance but we more or less got it to happen.

and then along came wednesday. some changes that are abrewin at work seem fairly foolish to me, but clearly i'm not in charge and therefore do not know the big picture. i learned about most of the changes at lunch on wednesday and then that evening came home to discover my apartment complex has dug up all the grass. we picked this place because of its green space. i don't know if they are replacing all the grass with new, hardier grass or with faux grass or with decorative rocks. its just been bare dirt for two days while i've mourned the dead grass. and the complex worked so hard to grow it too. the sprinklers come on several times a day. the maintanence has to mow a couple times a week. all for nothing now it would seem.

but there have been a couple of bright spots in the week...

as you might have noted in the above paragraph, this is vegas and its a desert and there is no grass. so my boss flies over to indiana for some work stuff. she ended up taking the red eye into louisville. she tried to sleep some on the plane so as it was beginning its decent, she groggily started to wake up. it was about six in the morning, sun just about rising. she looked out the window and said, "wow that's a big golf course!!" (because of course, here the only grass is on the private expensive golf courses). and then she felt very foolish when she remembered that in most places in the world, things live and grow and there is grass just on the side of the road because that is where grass usually lives. she made the mistake of telling me and i've had a great time telling everyone i know.

then there are a couple of coworkers that occationally comment on my eating lean cuisines for lunch. honestly, i find them tasty. they are not expensive. they come in a lot of flavors. they are basically good for me. and best of all, they do not require effort on my part. but i do actually enjoy eating many of them. so the other day, i did my usual lunch routine. i finished up and was walking back from the kitchen. a coworker in one of the office i passed by commented that someone's lunch smelled very tasty. as the only one who brings their lunch, it was clearly mine. i smiled and said, "just a lean cuisine!" and he said, "i just really need more than that. i need a big manly cuisine!" and his secretary leaned over to me and whispered, "more like a pudgy cuisine..."


  • At 2:12 AM , Anonymous mary ann said...

    The house we're trying so desperately to buy that's rapidly looking less like it'll happen... has a quarter acre irrigated lot. It's green. With fruit trees. There's honeysuckle next to the front porch. I am going to be so beyond heartbroken when that doesn't get to be my yard.


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