Saturday, July 07, 2007

on thursday, as i was randomly lurking through the internet, i happened upon one of those a question a day meme sites: one of the questions for thursday was to list the funniest movies of all time. you were to create a box set of comedies but weren't given any further critria such as number of movies or type of comedy.

so i began thinking of what i would put in my box set. personally, i think four or five is the perfect box set number. any more than that and the box set is probably going to be too pricey to purchase. any less and its not hardly even a box set. i also think that romantic comedy is an entirely different catagory of movie from comedy. one is a romantic movie with a smidge of comedy and the other is a comedy with a smidge of romance. i enjoy both but think this box set should not mix and match.

i also think that they just don't make comedies like they used to. happy gilmore, dodgeball and talladega nights may be funny movies, but i don't think they make the list of Funniest of ALL Time. not everything in life needs to be clever but it shouldn't be brainless either. i think part of my problem with recently made comedies is that i've never really been a big fan of physical comedy. some here or there is certainly funny but it shouldn't be the bulk of the movie. the home alone movies were kind of funny but the aftermath has been a huge reawakening of the three stooges type plots. i think if home alone hadn't made so much money, will farrell would be doing something a bit differently these days. while it may be profitable for hollywood to crank out a thousand movies that are all basically the same, i'd like my box set to be well rounded.

i think a box set of all time funniest movies should include either the burbs or joe vs the volcano but i can't quite decide which. while i love most of the lampoon vacation movies, i think they get to be in a box set all of their own. i think this set also needs a john candy movie, possibly canadian bacon. i think it needs some steve martin; top contenders could be planes, trains, and automobiles, sgt bilko, or dirty rotten scoundrels. and then any two of the following: monty python and the holy grail, farris bueller's day off, noises off, young frankenstein, city slickers, or gallexy quest. in the end, i've got twelve movies options here for my box set of five...


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