Sunday, July 08, 2007

people here are scary.

we saw a drunk driver on the way to the airport this morning. yup. sunday morning. around 6am. we ended up passing the car and the girl driving, with the window rolled down, looked seriously trashed as she continued to drink something out of her red solo cup, the universally known container for trying to disguise booze. yup. not only was she driving drunk, she was continuing to drink. again, sunday morning, 6am. aside from all the other obvious legal issues and the availability of taxis, mass transit and sidewalks, i think most decent people should be already to the point of sleeping it off, not continuing.

you should stop partying when the sun starts to come up...


  • At 10:32 PM , Anonymous mary ann said...

    I have ADOT's phone number programmed into my phone for just such an occasion. Well, mostly I use it to call and say "There's debris in the road!" but I'd call for drunks too. You know, just anything on the road that looks to be in eminent danger of killing someone.


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