Thursday, June 28, 2007


i've been very cranky at work this week.

it started with some paperwork that someone sent in. it was half blank so i asked them to fill in all the blanks. they sent it back the next day. still blank. so i asked again but tried to give more specifics: fill in this, this, and this. they sent it back the following day. still blank. i tried a different tactic. i asked them to double check and make sure all the info was accurate. they sent it back today. the blanks were initialed. but still blank. why would you do that?? in what universe would you think that was ok??? i don't know if the person is purposefully trying to be frustrating or if the person is honestly mentally challenged.

and then i had a couple rounds with payroll.

in ky, the labor laws say that if you work over 40 hours, you get time and a half. most states stop at just that. but some states allow for time and a half for any day where you worked over 8 hours, even if you don't get up to 40 for the week. nv is like that. only no one told me that until april. it really only makes a difference on weeks with holidays or vacation days. it was a big fat struggle to get payroll to switch me from the ky system to the nv system. in the meantime, half this year's paid holidays went by and i didn't get my couple extra dollars.

next week is going to be a paid holiday and when i entered my time for tuesday, i realized payroll had switched me back to the ky system. i emailed my boss and asked her to look into it and we found out today that there are sneaky exceptions to the nv laws. the over 8 hour thing only applied to people who make less than time and a half of minimum wage. since i make more than that, i do not qualify for the per day ot. obviously i ran right to the internet and googled nv labor commissioner and found out that payroll was right. i shouldn't get this extra pay, and since i never actually did, i don't have to feel bad.

my problem isn't that they took this away from me moments before i was finally going to actually be able to receive it or that everyone else in the company has been getting it all along even though they shouldn't. (though i did make sure everyone else had already been changed. that i wasn't the only one not getting it). my problem is that payroll had no intention of telling anyone about the change. they changed how the majority of the company is getting paid and how much their paycheck is going to be without ever mentioning it to anyone. of all the people effected, i think i'm the only one who knows. so come payday, there are going to be a few surprised and probably ticked off coworkers.


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