Thursday, May 31, 2007

thirteen reasons why dishwashing is my least favorite domestic chore

1. i have soggy food issues. i do not like soggy cereal or cookie crumbs in my milk. i do not like the last third of my pancake after the syrup is all soaked in. i'm not a fan of open faced roast beef sandwiches with gravey poured over to make the bread soggy. i would rather die than eat a french dip sub and actually dip each bite in au jus or break up crackers to float around in my soup. so take all that and add to it rinsing off plates with leftover bits on them. or worse, the things that won't go down the drain and you have to pick it out of the sink with your hands and walk over to the trash to throw it away and what if the trash can is far away, then its just squishy and soggy in your hands for maybe fifteen seconds. *aaiigghh* *heebby geebbies*

2. i can never get all the things to fit into the dishwasher

3. i forget to put in soap and actually start the dishwasher. i have good intensions. i think to myself, i'll be a responsible desert dweller and instead of running a non completely full load, i'll put in the breakfast dishes before i start it. and then i forget to start the dishwasher after breakfast. fast forward to dinner and there are no clean plates.

4. because i do not do a good job rinsing, things don't always come out of the dishwasher exactly clean.

5. if i try to unload the dishwasher right after its finished, the dishes are increadibly hot and burn my fingers.

6. if i wait to unload, i forget for days and think there are no clean glasses.

7. sometimes i accidentally run it a second time because i forgot it was clean and managed to put a couple more dirty things in there, usually on top so that the icky food dirtiness splashes around on the once clean dishes.

8. i can never get the pots to fit in proerly.

9. i'm not sure if you should put sharp knives on top with the spatulas or in the silverware cubby.

10. when i was younger, my two sisters and i divided dishes into three tasks. three sisters, three tasks. washing. rinsing. drying AND putting away. being the youngest, guess which task i always got? drying and putting away. how is that not two tasks? how did i always get stuck with two while they only got one?? being the youngest sister had its drawbacks.

11. i am bitter that paperplates aren't good at all for the environment or the budget.

12. i think that doing the dishes should probably also involve washing the counters and stove top but there is always stuff burnt completely foreverly onto the stove tops.

13. i think that doing the dishes should probably also involve running the garbage disposal and sometimes when you flip the on switch it all goes glup and sputters up and the most foul things fly through the air and you always have to lean over it all in order to flip the switch back off. fate demands that something land either in your hair, on your face or on your shirt.


  • At 7:30 PM , Blogger L^2 said...

    I hate washing dishes too! I don't have a dishwasher, so I have to do them all by hand, which is even worse.

  • At 7:34 PM , Blogger Ctina said...

    I have a lot of the same dish washing issues! We should start a 12 step program! :p

  • At 8:48 PM , Blogger Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

    My dishwasher broke a couple of weeks ago. I ran it 3 times before I finally decided on Friday that I had to call the lonely Maytag repair man. He was busy and couldn't come until Monday. Then he had to order a part and didn't come back until Friday. Let's just say it was a long week.

    My list is posted!

  • At 8:51 PM , Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said...

    I love washing dishes! You get to watch your progress as the dirty pile shrinks and the clean stuff grows...

    And I love the challenge of filling the dishwasher as full as possible. Pack that puppy!

    But... yeah... I do it, too. Forget to run it after breakfast. I can remember every other time (especially because mine has a timer, so I can set it and forget it), but after breakfast? For-get it!

    happy TT!

  • At 9:00 PM , Blogger Raggedy said...

    I don't have a dishwasher. I enjoy doing dishes so these are not an issue for me...
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  • At 9:06 PM , Blogger Jenny McB said...

    My brother used to put cold water on the pans to make drying that much harder!

    I kind of like washing dishes, I just hate the drying and putting away part of it.

  • At 9:11 PM , Blogger Margaret said...

    Oh man. My dishwasher broke 2 years ago. Sent Hubby to Home Depot for a new one and he brings home some spiffy under the cabinet wine cooler/fridge thing. Arrrgh. Great list. Happy Thursday

  • At 9:31 PM , Blogger tommiea said...

    first time to visit...but I totally agree, I run the dishwasher every night now whether or not it needs it simply because the next day's stuff will make it too full.....and I can't stand leaving stuff in the dishwasher.

    I did a list for the third time! happy tt

  • At 10:08 PM , Blogger Toni said...

    I am guilt of #5 also! Great list! Mine is up at Special K Family

  • At 1:51 AM , Blogger pussreboots said...

    Hey -- I could have written this list. That's for the late night smiles. :D

  • At 10:10 AM , Blogger Judi said...

    I totally understand!

  • At 12:19 PM , Blogger Dewey said...

    The past two years we've lived in a house with no dishwasher. I think once I have a dishwasher again, it'll seem like HEAVEN. I never really trust handwashed dishes to be clean, for some reason!


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