Thursday, March 08, 2007

woot canaw

first off, let me say, i've had better days.

see, i have this one tooth that has given me problems for nearly two decades. after the braces came off, there was a huge cavity on a back bottom molar. it was fixed up and then sometime during high school the filling chipped out some and it needed to be replaced. then shortly after college i was in a car wreck and lost most of my fillings (not that i have all that many, i do brush sometimes). the dentist that patched me up seemed to think that wasn't too terribly uncommon. i guess you just clench your jaws so tightly sometimes in wrecks that you actually pop out your own fillings. i've never done any solid investigative research on that, mostly because i just don't really want to think about it. *aaiihh* since then i've broken the filling two more times. it was just such a large one to begin with, then everytime it gets worked on it gets bigger (pretty much the outside half of the tooth). normal wear and tear grinds it down because its faux tooth not the real deal, making it prone to chipping. late in the fall i chipped it again. tragically, the last dentist told me last time she fixed it that the next time would be a crown. naturally i didn't call the dentist for six or so more months. it was just cracked, not broken. clearly i didn't need to call.

then monday night it out and out broke so tuesday i called.

each time the filling breaks, there is some seepage and a bit more decay. each time the filling breaks, the drill gets a little closer to the nerves. and once you are down to nerves, your options really only include pulling the tooth and root canal.

they prepared me for the worst. couldn't tell till they drilled. but thankfully now i'm at home sitting on my couch with my temporary crown. however, i'm still in jeopardy. if it hurts really any at all over the next two weeks while i wait for my permanent crown, they'll do the root canal.

and i came down with a head cold yesterday. so i was extra special gross and germy at the dentists. you know, when you are drooly and gaggy and having trouble breathing and swallowing because there are a dozen fingers and weird metal objects in your mouth, that just isn't the time to add a head cold on top of it all. if there ever was a day to have pie for dinner, i think its today (with full intensions of brushing and flossing moments after swallowing the last bite). but i can't taste it or smell it and it just seems silly to eat that many calories if you can't honestly enjoy them. maybe i'll have ice cream for breakfast...


  • At 2:39 AM , Anonymous MissMeliss said...

    Dental issues are the WORST. With me? My teeth react whenever I have sinus issues. Not fun.

    Hope your dental issues get resolved permanently sometimes soon.h

  • At 11:29 PM , Blogger scribbit said...

    Too bad, hope you get some relief soon.


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