Tuesday, February 27, 2007

shocking updates

one of my coworkers claimed that if i'll put a bit of liquid fabric softner in a spray bottle, along with a bunch of water, and spray down the apartment carpet, i'll have less static electricity. has anyone else heard of that? it more or less makes sense. so i bought some on sunday (we normally use the dryer sheets) and sprayed everything and i think that its really helped out.

however, it was so funny late sunday night. i'd been blogging for a while and andrew meandered into the room and asked what i was doing. "blogging," i said. he started chanting "bloggety bloggety bloggety" while he stretched. and since i could see his tummy, i blurted out, "i blogged about zapping your belly button."

he pumped his fists and wimpered, "you fiend. now everyone knows!"


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