Monday, March 05, 2007

get involved

i've added new stuff to my sidebar. well, actually yesterday i got around to updating most everything on the sidebar.

in the 'other things i like' portion of the sidebar, i still have some staples. my cute huband links to his myspace page, even though he never goes there anymore. then we have cnn, which i prefer over the other newsy channels. and dilbert is still there because most days i feel like i work in that office instead of a normal one.

there are two things that have just been updated to different links. first, we haven't joined a church here in town yet, but we've been going to one in particular (university united methodist) consistently enough to update the link to my united methodist church. second, i was heavily involved with rescue mission, a homeless program, in lexington and hope to become more involve here in las vegas. we have the second highest homeless population in the country, i believe second only to DC, and while there are many causes of homelessness which i won't get into here, i do think that everyone deserves to eat a meal. so the link is now the local people of this national group.

lastly, there are two new things. there is a link to a second comic strip which is just too cute, pearls before swine. they are the comic from yesterday; the little animals are too much fun to not read on occation. and then a link to a site called volunteer match. just type in your zip code and it will bring up a list of all the volunteering opportunities in your area. its all kinds of stuff like painting the insides of goodwill stores making them more inviting to handing out water and help with timing/scoring at local fitness events. the search menu has a drop down for interests so i think everyone out there should be able to find a volunteer opportunity in your town which is a meaningful match with what you like to do. so, get involved where you live!


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