Sunday, February 25, 2007

he requires presents

i've had some bad static electricity since moving to vegas. someone at the office told me it was worse when its extra windy, donno if that's true. but i've been shocking myself and everyone around me like mad for the past two months.

i have this thing for belly buttons. i don't know...i just think they are fun. some people like feet or ears or whatever. i like belly buttons. i especially like to poke andrew's belly button and it only increases my satisfaction by how much he hates it.

this past friday, we'd just finished breakfast and i was scurrying around the house just before leaving for work. i walked into the livingroom to fetch something and there was andrew, all astreching and yawning, the lazy wonderful unemployed always-thoughtful househusband. i quietly scampered. i sneakily lept and dove. i outstreached and gave him a good belly button poke.

and zapped the hell out of him! you could've heard the crack from another room if it weren't for the yelp from him. he hopped backwards and sideways like cats do sometimes. i felt so bad. i seriously didn't mean to zap his tummy. i mean, what kind of fiend would purposefully zap a belly button?? however, my appology didn't go over too well, mostly because i couldn't stop laughing, the tear streaming kind of laughing. the look on his face was just so funny.

as i walked out the door, i turned to look at him. he was standing in the hallway holding his tummy fearfully and shouted out at me, "i requre presents!"


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