Sunday, August 27, 2006

update: somewhat less frazzled

a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that i was frazzled, distracted, a wreck of fretfulness. its gotten better. there were four things i was then fretting about and this is how each of them seem to be currently going:

my husband still isn't home. that should happen any day now but we still don't know the details. some stranger will call me 24-72 hours before he arrives. talk about short notice!

i'm not moving, at least not just yet. the new apartment still isn't ready and the new apartment manager understands all my predicaments and i told her that if she needed to give it to someone else, she had my blessing.

i took my work trip and that went really well despite all the new airline regulations. i sat by interesting people on all my flights. i worked with nice people on site. i met wonderful people where i stayed. i'm terrified of my next flight on account of the plane crash today so maybe i should make my doctor prescribe me something nice before my next trip.

and the walkathon is coming along ok. it could be a lot better but i am acheiving me remarkably modest goals.


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