Saturday, August 19, 2006

there's no place like home

some people were irritated and offended by this, some people thought it was funny/cute/adorable, and a great many people never heard about it at all. i was in the last catagory until recently and now i'm in the second one.

the pope has red shoes and so do i. his are prada loafers and mine are earth mary janes.

this guy said it much better than i could:
"I mean, how can you hate a pope who’s got the gumption not only to wear red Prada loafers but to raise his hemline in order to flaunt them to the world?

"I’ll bet he saw those gleaming red Pradas in a store window or a catalogue, or maybe he was sitting around one day with nothing to do and Googled “red shoes” and the rest is history. Vanity won out. Or was it humanity?

"Frankly, I think the shoes are adorable. In fact, I have a pair remarkably like them myself. They’re not Prada, mind you—I believe I got them at Macy’s for $69—but they are hot, and wearing them makes me feel cool, one of those inexplicable chemical/biological phenomena only possible in the fashion world. "


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