Wednesday, August 23, 2006

my first time eating ground turkey

it occurs to me that i don't seem to ever share with you where i've gotten my recipe from. i certainly have not made them up. and its not that i don't want to give other people credit. its mostly that i don't know. most of my recipes are either just in my head, i've made them so many times i don't have to glance at the cookbook and so have slowly forgotten where they came from. and the rest are on bits of paper or post its or printed emails, etc all from who knows where. this one, however, i know where it came from since its a recent acquisition. unless this is your first visit here, you know that i generally participate in thursday thirteens (except i won't be this week due to travel schedule, so sorry). its kind of a good writing/creativity exercise. i'll go in spurts and have a million ideas for lists. at any given time i probably have three to four half lists agoing. i can generally come up with 8 or so on the list but then have to do some soul searching for the remaining ones. and i enjoy reading other people's lists. several weeks ago, bev at ghost works listed 13 of her favorite foods. one of them sounded very interesting, turkey curry, and she swore up and down that everyone in her family, even her children, enjoyed it. i asked her for the recipe and she graciously sent it to me. i'd never had ground turkey before and was very leery of it. i do not like turkey bacon or turkey sausage so i didn't have high hopes for enjoying turkey hamburger but since it was in something not just sitting on the place by itself and she promised it was great, i gave it a shot. you really should too.

turkey curry

1 lb ground turkey
1 cup chopped apple
1 cup chopped onion
1.5 T olive oil
2 T flour
1 T curry
1 T beef bouillon granules
1/2 nonfat dry milk
2 cups milk

in a pan, cook turkey until browned evenly, stirring a lot. drain and set aside. in a nonstick skillet, spray with nonstick spray and saute apple and onion until the onion is soft. set aside. heat the oil in the skillet over low heat. stir in the flour and curry power. heat and stir over medium-low heat until the flour begins to bubble. separately, combine the bouillon granules, dry milk and skim milk with a whisk. gradually add the milk misture to the curry mixture, continue to stir until the mixture thickens. add the turkey, apple, and onions. stir well and heat through. serve with raisin rice. the original recipe does some complicated thing with rice, but i am biologically or mentally or emotionally impared from making rice right. not real rice, minute rice, wild rice, any of it. what i can do is heat up those already cooked rice packets. so i bought the chicken flavored rice packets, tossed some raisins in and heated it up in the microwave. yum yum yum.


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