Tuesday, August 22, 2006

its about time for some leftist propaganda

i'm left handed and excited about it. i have one of those one-a-day rip off calanders in my bathroom and its filled with fun facts and interesting people who are lefties. my husband is one of those weird right handed people but he's so cute and calls the calander my leftest propaganda. i'm generally not particularly political with this blog and actually, i'm really going to try to not be today either. i'd thought about giving good rant, but instead just a small side note. for about a month, i've seen all these 'i support israel' banners on people's side bars and such. i guess i just don't. i don't support israel, never have really particularly, not really sure why you would nowadays. i get their past, but that's just it, its in the past. i want to point out, i don't support the other guys either. i guess i'm being overly negative but i don't really think the cease fire will last either. i don't support people who blow up innocent families especially children. i don't support people who use those families and children as shields in the first place. i don't support people who kidnap and torture soldiers. two wrongs simply do not make a right. and you are probably sitting there thinking, buy wait, isn't your blogging name armywife? yes, it is. i will never sit here and say our side has done nothing wrong because we have. what i will say is that i support people who prefer peace. i support people who give themselves to a cause that improves other people's lives. i support people who honestly try to do right more than to be right (take a moment to let that soak in and think about all of our world's leaders). and as for the rest, a plague on both your houses.

so, back to my real propaganda:
tuesday is a lucky day for lefties! this day was named for the left handed schandinavia god, tiw. actually i think his other hand was bitten off in some fight, so i'm not sure if he was an authentic left hander or was just promoted to left handedness. but anyway, the day was named after him (tiw's day) and hooray its tuesday. lefties unite!


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