Monday, July 10, 2006

happy memories and a small bit of paranoia

i'm out of town for work again this week. does anyone know what is the official term for sticking stuff onto your ipod? neither downloading or uploading seems right. either way, for a variety of reasons, i stuck a good portion of harry potter 5 onto the ipod before leaving. i didn't think there would be a movie on the flight (and there wasn't) so i thought it would be good to listen to while hanging out in the hotel fitness room (and it was this morning).

book five is mostly about early teen angst. unless you could afford therapy, you probably remember this time in your life. sure sure, there were some good things that happened to each of us then. i love music and took both piano and clarinet lessons. i enjoyed playing, it was just the dull daily practices that i hated. i remember bringing a packed lunch to school a lot and always having star crunches inside. i probably haven't eaten one of those in fifteen years but back then just loved them. i remember a couple of fun birthday parties at chucky cheese's (before it became chucky cheese). i remember going on terribly boring field trips but being so estatic about it; you don't have to go to classes if you are being bored out in the real world. we went to look at indian burial mounds, we saw old trains and train tracks, at some point we took an overnight to memphis to visit graceland and the mud museum. its on that trip that i have my first memory of my husband, so clearly it wasn't all bad.

but i also remember being slightly paranoid. there was a group of popular, cute, rich girls and i always felt like they were talking about me, laughing about me. apparently that is not particularly uncommon at all. some researcher have determined that over 40% of people regularly worry that negative comments are being made about them. mostly i just ignored the girls. but as it turns out, i wasn't just being paranoid and they were halfway miffed that i ignored them. they stepped it up a notch and started leaving nasty notes in my locker. i don't remember it all coming to a head, i think mostly they got tired of me and moved on to harrassing someone else.

so like all the other books, both good and bad things happen to harry in year 5. of course, everyone continues to believe that harry is paranoid or just out right delusional about voldemort's return. on the whole, though, it makes me glad that my early teen years are over a decade in the past.


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