Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i'm not a big seafood fan

i'm not sure why. i ate boats full of fish-n-chips growning up, but i guess not a lot of other seafare. there was one time, as an adult, company was coming and i tried a new casserole recipe that called for crab. honestly, i don't know what i was thinking. i certainly had no idea what i was doing. i think i did everything wrong that could be done wrong and even suspected early on in the evening that the recipe was going to be disasterous. as the casserole baked in the oven, the house began to smell worse and worse until finally the timer dinged. i bravely tested out a few bites. when i felt certain that i would not actually die, i hurridly opened up all the windows and threw out the whole dish on my way to the car and to drive my friends to a restaraunt. thankfully, "it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them," ralph waldo emerson.

i have not attempted to cook with seafood since, which is why i'm telling you about crabless crabcakes.

1/2 cup mayo
2 Tbs. sour cream
2 Tbs. Dijon-style mustard
2 Tbs. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
2 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley, or several sprinkles from the dried container
2 cups shredded zucchini
1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs

mix everything all up together. its easier if you start by mixing everything except the zucchini and cheese and then add them in too. shape into little cakes similar to hamburger patties. the original recipe tells you to melt some butter in a skillet. sometimes i do that and sometimes i hose the skillet down with a ton of nonstick butter flavored spray. i imagine these sprays will give me cancer someday, but my hips will stay the size they are (at least for a little while longer). sizzle the cakes on medium heat on each side for about 6-7 minutes until they are golden brown all over. i like these because they are tasty and don't make my house smelly; i'm a simple girl. enjoy with whatever condiment you would normally use on your crabfilled crabcakes.


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