Thursday, June 29, 2006

oh the places you'll go

Thirteen Things Places I've Been

1. Lexington, KY. obviously i've been here, it's my fabulous hometown. i know its home because all my stuff and my kitty live here.

2. Las Vegas. my home away from home. except that i don't gamble. really. everytime i'm in vegas, it feels more and more right and then i come home and lexington feels strange for a while. hum.

3. Washington DC. this was a fairly standard family summer vacation. we drove there and visited all of the learning sorts of places. sadly, the thing i remember most is playing cards in the back seat of the car.

4. Hell, MI. there is even a buzzard festival. hee. anyway, i visited there fairly breifly on a somewhat successful road trip a couple of years ago. also, there is a post office in the convenience store and they will remail letters for you with the official 'hell' cancellation on the stamp. this service is apparently very popular around mid-april when folks have their tax return forwarded from hell. hee.

5. Ottawa. 2nd coldest capital in the world. the coldest is Ulanbator, Mongolia and i would not like to go there. i had the honor of working in Ottawa a couple of years ago, just right around the corner from the Prime Minster.

6. New York, NY. this was a fairly standard school field trip. we drove there in a huge bus and got into mischief. also i think we did some sight seeing, visited broadway, climbed up to the top of lady liberty.

7. Madrid. a few years ago, when i was somewhat shorter, i spent the summer in Madrid looking at nearly all of the cathedrals, monasteries, castles, and aqueducts they had to offer. i wasn't there specifically to learn about just sort of worked out that way. i think it was also the first time i ever ate squid.

8. Nashville. it always seems to rain when i go to this zoo. maybe i have some sort of bad zoo karma.

9. Toronto. i've been there several times and always had good clean canadian fun. i went up the CN tower, cruised by St Lawrence Market, watched the air show at the EX, walked the path, drove through the Danforth, etc. but the best part of each visit was always the artful dodger, the best pub in the world

10. Colorado Springs/Garden of the Gods. half the town is decked out in camouflage and the other half is kitchy touristy stuff. weird mix.

11. Niagara Falls. i've been on both the canadian and the american side. i have to say, the american side is really ghetto.

12. London. i got sick on the ride out to stone hinge. very sad.

13. New Orleans. kind of macabre, i know, but my favorite thing was the above ground cemetery tour.


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