Thursday, July 06, 2006

i love taking little quizes

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(week #3) Thirteen Religions I Could Choose:

someone emailed me a link to this quiz, and i took it because i take all little quizzes. this one i find fascinating. there are 20 questions and the Belief-O-Matic ranks your answers with the religions you match with most closely. i did not think that 20 questions would be enough to really match me, but i am a methodist and it matched me with liberal christian protestants. of my two favorite college professors, one was a quaker and the other always called me a zen baptist, so maybe the 2nd and 3rd choices make a bit of sense too. the link above will also give you info about any of the religions listed, should you want to know more about them.

Mainline to liberal Christian Protestant (100%)
Orthodox Quaker (96%)
Zen Buddhism (87%)
Eastern Orthodox (82%)
Roman Catholic (79%)
Mainline to conservative Christian Protestant (73%)
Unitarian Universalism (72%)
7th day Adventist (66%)
Reform Judaism (64%)
Sikhism (58%)
Baha'i (49%)
Scientology (37%)
Nontheist (9%)

Warning: neither Belief-O-Matic or this blog writer assume any legal liability for the ultimate fate of your soul.


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