Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped--Elbert Hubbard


1. Lacking style or good taste; tawdry;
2. Distasteful or offensive; tasteless;
3. My ex husband (refered to as WNE but i shant explain why).

this is the conversation i had last night, which both summed up the story and seemed to give me permission to blog about the topic...

christen says: WNE called sunday...

christen says: he wanted to know about the old ring

mary ann says: like, your engagement ring?

christen says: yes. finally i just said, look, i pawned it many years ago, you can't have it back.

christen says: and so he played it off like he just wanted to know how much i got for it.

christen says: said he was interested in the market for used rings...

mary ann says: why...he wasn't gonna give it to his baby mama was he??

christen says: yes! i think he wanted it back from me to give it to her

christen say: he was going to REGIFT it

mary ann says: ewwww!

christen say: have you ever heard of anything more tacky?

mary ann say: ewwww!! ewewew! that's so awful.

christen says: it truly is. i feel the need to tell everyone i've ever met ever

christen says: but that is probably just as tacky

mary ann says: he asked his ex wife for the ring back, a ring that was not an heirloom, a ring that was especially designed for you, so he could propose with it to the woman who is carrying his baby. that's...talking about that is not tacky, that is doing the world a service.
mary ann says: it's unbelievable.


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