Thursday, June 22, 2006

because its my first time doing thursday thirteen and because my first anniversary is this weekend (grin), i'm going to be terribly cheesy and all in love and such...

Thirteen ways to live happily ever after, in no particular order

1. Never meet or leave without an affectionate hug or kiss;

2. look for regular opportunities to express your love (thoughtful gifts, notes, text messages, random hugs in the kitchen, etc);

3 pray regularly with each other and for each other;

4. desire to do right, more than you want to be right;

5. Never both be angry at the same time (draw straws if you must);

6. you have to work at it. it doesn't matter what you say or intend about your relationship. your actions speak loudest;

7. patience, patience, and some more patience;

8. marrieage is not mind reading, so just ask your spouse what he/she wants and then believe what he/she says;

9. hold hands, a lot...all the time really, or at least as often as you can;

10. build in a little me-time;

11. contrary to cliche, love does in fact mean saying you're sorry. sometimes it means saying you're sorry even if you don't know what you did or you didn't mean to do it;

12. remember that love isn't always a feeling, its a decision;

13. ALWAYS have separate closets.


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