Friday, June 23, 2006

drum roll please

it started out as a dull bathroom, as standard apartment bathrooms tend to be, and now:
its a superhero bathroom!

(ok, so some of this stuff was here before today, but it wasn't a finished project until now and i think its just lots of fun and i don't care if that makes me a comicbookgeek).

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spiderman keeps my toothbrush safe.

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iron man and silver surfer are in charge of make up. superman protects hair twisties. and naturally, dr doom watches over the first aid kit.

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there are fun pictures and action figures posing all over the walls, and all the towels are primary colors except radio active bright.

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our shower curtain and all the new little shower curtain rings.

i felt like such a mad scientist/evil villain while i was hot glueing the little superhero action figures onto the shower curtain rings (and also some of the ones on the shelves had to have glue on their toes so they would stand up properly). it was sort of like at the seafood place when people get to choose which lobster they want to eat. i could never do that. i understand that all the meat that i eat used to have a face, but i don't really want to look into its eyes minutes before i eat it. so i'm glad that the little superheros couldn't cry as i glued their little toes. but anyway, isn't the bathroom just too cute?? its just all decoupage and hot glue. no longer are you limited to the bathroom sets at target; pick a theme and you can have any decor you want...


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