Monday, June 26, 2006

manic monday

i'm currently toying with the idea of calling in to work today. i'm not sick, its just that i think i would like my job a whole lot better if i had four 10 hour days rather than five 8 hour days. i think it would be a great way to spend a monday, make it just like a saturday. i could stay home and watch tv. i could have pizzas delivered. asside from the occational desire for hotdogs (usually while i'm grilling other, better meats), i think only thing i really ever crave is pizza. i like good pizza and bad pizza, sometimes even those really really really cheap frozen pizzas. these cravings started during gradschool, donno why. i like everything on pizzas except anchovies and bacon (or some of those non traditional pizza toppings like brocoli). i work with a woman who is alergic to wheat and has not had a slice of pizza in a decade. breaks my heart. if tomorrow they suddenly discover i'm alergic to wheat or cheese or tomatos, i think of all the foods that contain any of those items, giving up pizza for the rest of my life would be the most difficult.

sigh. i need to get up off the couch now and go to work. i knew this deep down from the start. but which would you prefer: shorter work days but more of them, longer work days and less of them?


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