Monday, August 27, 2007

home sweet home

we made it back home from vacation. and i'm leaving today again for a work trip. oh well, no rest for the wicked, i guess.

we did have a lot of fun, even during the 26 hour road trip portions. we played the license plate game. found all but three states (w virginia, rhode island, and vermont) along with a few mexico plates, canada plates, one us gov't plate, and a even german plate. i'm still very surprised that we managed to see some hawaii plates and n dakota plates but none from w virginia.

we also played a variation of slugbug/punchbuggy. generally, if you see a vw bug, you get to call it out, including the color, and then smack the person closest. there are additional rules; some think you get two hits for a classic and generally you get a retribution hit if it ends up not being a bug (pt cruisers can be quite tricky from a distance). andrew loves to drive along with his family in the car, call them all out, and then just listen to the fifteen smacks from the three people in the back seat. on our trip, we generally went hours with barely seeing a car, let alone a vw bug, so the game mutated into calling out interesting things we happened to see. instead of punchbug yellow, it became punch watertower, punch mcdonalds, and punch pond. it also turned into something of a one-up-manship. we drove past a dinosaur land and there were big dinosaur statues on the side of the road. andrew called them all out: punch green dinosaur, punch yellow, etc. but i one uped him with punch dinosaur bones still in the ground. and occasionally we called on a judges ruling for inappropriate punches. i called out punch mountains that looked like breasts but andrew questioned it in that one was a bit bigger than the other. i said she just ran out of tissues, and i stand by my punch.


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