Wednesday, August 01, 2007

my coworkers are all gettin skinny

it started with two coworkers signing up for weight watchers last week. they did the initial meeting and weigh in. they got their plan; figured out the points. throughout the past week, a lot of people in my company have joined. three more in my office. one spouse. a couple in california and colorado. a few are even doing this online. i'm pretty sure weight watchers does not do group rates; i think its just a lot of people wanted to lose weight and its so much easier to complain about carrot sticks but go ahead and eat them anyway if all your friends are eating them too. its all about support and motivation.

so since not everybody joined at the same time, only two are up to their second week weigh in but congratulations: one coworker lost 3.2lb and another 2.4! i can't wait to brag about them more in upcoming weeks.


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