Thursday, August 16, 2007

everyday is a new adventure

work has been eventful this week.

on tuesday, one of my coworkers thought he was having a heart attack, in his office at his desk. he's had a few before, so he knows what they feel like. the hospital ambulance and the firetruck emt both showed up. it was odd. none of us wanted to just go back to our desks like nothing was happening, like a coworker might not be having some serious health issues. but at the same time, we didn't want to stand around and gawk. in the end, he was not having a heart attack and he did not go to the hospital in the ambulance. someone else in the office drove him and he didn't stay the night. he has several heath issues. none of them caused by, but all exacerbated by being about a hundred pounds overweight. he's not fine, but he's also not likely to die today.

and then today, i reviewed a file for a self employed 'phone actress.' its entirely possible that she is very wholesome single mother and works for a psychic hotline telling people their fake horoscopes. but in this town, odds are against that and in favor of a more risque sort of hotline. when i woke up this morning, i did not think i would meet a phone sex worker.

we are headed home for vacation tomorrow. i think i will be quite glad to get away from this town for a few days. sigh.


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