Sunday, August 05, 2007

over half way

andrew's two weeks in utah are over half way done. as far as i can tell, he's doing great. he earned a 100% on the first written test and has made mid 90s on all the rest. he may finish with honors which would be great except there is no more room on the wall for army certificates/awards. he led PT one morning, and he got to teach a class on first aid for shock. he's getting really good at giving himself an IV and also shoving one of those tubes down your throat into your tummy. i think he was a little sad that all the injuries were only simulated. for the rest of the time though, we are completely out of contact. until thursday they are living in tents out in the 'field,' who knows what that means for utah.

things are not going well at work. there are meetings on monday and thursday. its possible that changes will be made, for the good or bad. buts its also entirely posslibe that things will just continue on; we seem to really enjoy tedious meetings and planning and then forgeting all the plans.

on the bright side, i finished harry potter and loved it. also i saw bourne and loved it. i made some veggie beef soup in the crock pot, and since it was super tasty, i loved it too.


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