Wednesday, August 08, 2007

scratch that off the to do list!

i've finally gotten around to signing up for a refresher spanish course. well, i've started the process.

monday night i applied to the local community college, sorta. its very recently not a community college. ccsn is now just csn, college of southern nevada. its still a two year, associates sort of place. the online application seemed really really interested in whether or not i had graduated high school. there wasn't any space to tell them about my undergraduate or graduate degrees. do you think they'll accept me??

once they have accepted my application, i need to take a test proving i can read and do simple math. and then if i pass that, i can sign up for my spanish class. its on saturday mornings and i'm really excited. there are seven seats still available so i'm trying to get some coworkers to join in. most everyone took a class back in high school, but since we deal with so many spanish speakers, working with housing in the southwest, i think it would be good if we all spoke it a little more.

right now i'm just waiting patiently for my acceptance email...


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