Saturday, August 11, 2007

ah, the company picnic

i've never been so hot and tired in my life.

we were out of the house at 9 to help set up for the company picnic. around noon, everyone else started to show up. we had over 200 RSVP; since during the four hours of picnicking we had such turn over, i think we got our 200. we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. there was a bake off contest. tug o war. there was a jumper and clown for the kids. the best was watching the kids beat a pinata. and then around 4:30 we started to clear everything away.

i guess it wasn't that hot out. it only got up to about 105, for about eight hours. i drank at least four bottles of water, two or three cans of soda, and my bladder was absolutely no where near being full.

i'm also fairly appalled at the fitness levels of my coworkers. the parking lot was downhill and around the corner from the picnic pavilion. so setting up was terrible. all the ice chests were full. everything was uphill. we had all the food and drinks and candy. all the water balloons. etc. cleaning up was a breeze. everything was lighter. everything was eaten or melted or tossed away. walking to the parking lot was downhill. one of my coworkers (who had not been there to set up, only clean up) couldn't hardly carry a nearly empty ice chest down the hill to the truck. i carried it full up the hill. i know i'm young and that has a bit to do with it. but it also seems like most everyone i know lets their thirties and forties slip by and suddenly they are weak.

andrew and i got to talking about that. so many people have very valid reasons for not accomplishing a variety of goals. you've got so much stress in your life with work, kids, school, a commute, etc. you are to tired. you cannot afford a gym or tuition. there just isn't time right now. most of those things are completely legitimate reasons; they honestly are not excuses. but i think when you allow the reasons to dictate your life, instead of the other way around, then yeah, they become excuses. the reasons never go away, usually they multiply. so either you choose to do something about it or suddenly find yourself unable to carry an empty ice chest down the hill.


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