Monday, August 20, 2007

vacation update

i'm slowly starting to feel like a normal person again. or, i guess, what i think of as a normal person. and i know that i'm not going to want to leave on friday morning.

i think i've gotten through all my stupid impulse sentences. hopefully. for example, we were driving through oklahoma and i was looking out the window. i saw some water and said, "gosh it must have rained here recently." "no," andrew said, "that is a pond, not flash flooding. its not rain runoff, that water is always just sitting there." i'd forgotten about the existence of ponds.

i'd also forgotten there were nice people out there. strangers who say please, thank you, how are you and have a nice day. people here even actually mean all those words; most days i'd be happy with anyone just saying them. in part it is a small town thing and in part its the south and the bible belt.

i went to get a haircut this morning, and i was already in the chair when i thought to ask if they take plastic payments. i almost didn't ask, because in the back of my mind, i figured i could just write a check. and then i remembered it was an out of town check so they for sure weren't going to accept that. so i asked and the look on the woman's face really answered me quickly. she hadn't actually started cutting my hair so she could have sent me off but instead, all up front and before she knew who my daddy is, she was fine with me going to the atm AFTER the cut. once anyone figures out that i'm charles and cheryl's daughter, i'm practically embraced like family. or if they don't recognize the names, i can just say, you know that guy on the moped and the light bulb goes off. everyone knows my dad, the guy on the moped. (he hasn't been able to drive a car for years and so owns a terribly cute, orange sherbet colored moped.)

i do feel something like a celebrity. a couple of people already knew me and knew i'd moved to vegas. and some other people have just happened to glance at my license (because its in a plastic window on the outside of my wallet) and mentioned that i was an out of towner. to which i reply that i'm from here but recently moved to vegas. and everyone just looks awed. "wow, you live in vegas?!?" i guess ten years ago i would have done the same. now i feel like i probably look awed at them, "wow, you get to live here?"


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