Sunday, July 29, 2007

i think being just a smidge pissed off has fixed my downward emotional spiral problem.

first, when you are used to doing laundry and groceries for two and suddenly find yourself doing them for one, its a tad disheartening.

until, while doing laundry for one, you discover in how disasterous a shape your spouse's closet is.

andrew goes on unsupervised shopping trips. as most spouses do. here lately, he has been on a kick for buying plastic clothing hangers. and thats fine; we could always use more. most people can use more. and for the most part we aren't really partial to plastic hangers. i swear this rant is not going to end in 'no more wire hangers!'

my side of the closet is very organized. shirts on the left. pants, skirts, and suits on the right. empty hangers in the middle. i try to put the just washed stuff in the back of their respective sides so that i don't wear the same five things week after week after week. i don't think that my coworkers are keeping track of my outfits, but who knows. the people in my office are a bit odd. when i take clothes out of the closet, i don't really always take the hanger and put it in the middle. sometimes. but mostly they get put there during laundry day.

andrew's side is choas. and he owns more clothes than me. and he thinks more things should be hanging than me. i put jeans in the dresser folded. he hangs them. so i thought that was why we needed more hangers.


he's just been buying more and more and more hangers but without ever going through his side of the closet and pulling out the empty ones.

i found like eleventy billion empty hangers in there today.

i'm struggling to get my last two or three shirts hung up. i'm putting two pairs of pants or skirts or sleeveless tops on the same hanger because i thought we didn't have any hangers. but no, he's just hording them all!

ok. i've vented. i feel better now.


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