Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i keep having panic attacks in my hotel.

first, i'm on the twenty fifth floor and while i don't hate elevators, i don't really like them much either. its kind of how i feel about airplanes too. i don't fear hights or small spaces. its violently twisted metal and painful deaths that bother me. its also not having any measure of control for the situation.

so. i'm up on the 25th floor. i hop into the elevator and as the doors are closing, the friendly voice that usually announces what floors the doors are opening on, well that voice says, "we are experiencing minor technical difficulties." and there wasn't enough time to hop out of the closing doors. and then the doors wouldn't open. and then the whole thing lurched a bit. yeah, on the 25th floor, the elevator lurched and dropped a bit and the doors wouldn't open. but then seconds later the thing started moving. i got out on ground level and everything was ok. it was if nothing happened. i don't think i had a crazy moment. i don't think i hallucinated. but of course i'm starting to doubt.

not five minutes later, i finally found the atm. i just needed a smidge of cash for a taco bell lunch and tipping the vallet. naturally there are atms just all over the place inside a casino. i swipe the card. punch my pin. hit enter. transaction type: withdraw. account type: checking. at this point, some atms just go to enter in the amount you want and some go to a screen with withdraw amount options (depending on the denomenation options; 10/20/30 or 20/40/06, etc). what did this atm offer? 200, 400, 600, or 1000. i nearly fell over. and while, yeah, i do have some of those options in my checking account, i certainly would rather it be in my account and not in my hand. i was hard pressed to make the machine only give me twenty bucks.

in other news, i'm still not done with harry potter seven. i let andrew read it first and since then stuff has come up, like this work trip. i am making progress though.


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