Tuesday, June 12, 2007

well i'll tell you what's in reno

not really a whole lot actually. but the not-a-whole-lot-parts of it were nothing like vegas, so its ok in my book. i've been to reno several times in the past few years, and its always struck me as a fairly ok place.

it was great to see trees and water and feel a cool breeze and see whole subdivisions of houses with absolutely no stucco siding.

we flew up on monday and while i worked all week, andrew roamed the comic book shops and bought them all out of business. as i suspected he would. on wednesday we drove up to tahoe. the mountainous drive was painful to me. i did not, however, go into actual hysterics as andrew kept pointing out how close the rental car was to the jagged clifts. the rental car was fun too. toyota avalon. i really liked the temperature controls. you simply picked the temperature you wanted your side of the car to be (kind of like the sleep number bed. andrew was 68, i'm 72.) and the car just magically turns on the fans or the heat to make that temperature happen. it snowed on us so the car did actually have to do some fancy shmancy temperature changing. yup. its june. and it snowed. i had to run to target and buy more sweaters. on the last evening, we decided to through a few dollars into the gambling coffers. naturally andrew won all his back, and then some. i gave up gambling a long time ago as i would be better off to just light the money on fire and watch the pretty flames.

here's some snap shots of the week:


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