Thursday, July 19, 2007

my weird husband has devised the strangest toy for the cat.

we insulated the water heater pipes. you can buy stuff just for insulating pipes. it looks a lot like those pool noodles kids play with at, well, the pool. but smaller. and gray. so he installed the insulation and now has a section of nearly pool noodle that is about a foot long.

and the tape dispenser ran out of tape. when he replaced the tape, he saved the little plastic spool and tied it to the end of some pink yarn.

so i'm sitting here on the couch watching my weird husband bat an empty scotch tape spool with a nearly pool noodle. the spool flies across the room, with the yarn tied to it. he snatches it back with the yarn and bats it again.

it took the cat a while to warm up to this idea. she was cowering in terror, much like i was, for a while. but based on how vigoriously she's beginning to bite everything, i think she's thinking, "yeah, this nearly noodle thing rocks!"


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