Tuesday, March 27, 2007

its just that not too much interesting has happened

yeah, i know, i have't blogged in weeks. i was talking to my mom on sunday and she mentioned it to me. its pretty bad when mom's nagging me about updating...lol

so what's happened? um.

andrew went back home for a week to visit army friends. and he came back. which is always a nice thing.

i ended up getting my permanent crown for my tooth and did not have to have the additional root canal. that was nice too.

stuff has been fiesty at work. someone who had been promoted decided she didn't like the new job and wanted the old job back, which of course had already been filled. that's finally been resolved, i think to the minimal satisfaction of most everyone.

andrew and i went to see 300 at the imax. highest possible recommendations if you enjoy comic book/action fightin films.

this past weekend we bought a new mattress. it was how we decided to blow our tax refund. the mattress was delivered yesterday, and i think we picked out the most comfy bed ever. but in order to appreciate that completely, you've got to know the history of the old mattress. you remember that time in your life, probably just a couple of days after college is over, when all you have to your name is a futon, a cat, and a margarita blender? well, i needed a bed, and a friend of a friend of a friend knew someone who had an extra bed they were selling. turns out the queen size mattress had been living in someone's basement for quite a while, and i bought it for discounted price of ten bucks (truth be told, i didn't have any cash on me that day so my friend spotted me the $10, and i never got around to paying him back). that was years ago. if i'd choosen the hardest, most awful, cheapest bed in the mattress store it would still have been the upgrade of a lifetime. today was an especially bad i-don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed fit.

i'm getting my haircut on thursday. wish me luck. my first cut here in vegas was a disaster. this time, one of my coworkers is going to chop away at my mop. i'm only a little nervous...but my hair has grown so long and terribly misshapen that really, she can't make it worse.

zoecat has done ludicrously cute things lately, but i'll save those stories for later in the week...


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