Sunday, February 18, 2007


i hit the two mile mark in this morning's workout. and i did it in a smidge less than 23 minutes.

i'm somewhat pleased.

i should be thrilled.

i've been doing close 25 minutes on the treadmill about three to four days a week. every five minutes, i step it up a notch, either in grade or speed. the week before last, i got up to a jog the last five minutes before cool down. yesterday and today, i rotated between five walking, five jogging. but today was the first time i hit the two mile mark. i'm clearly making progress. the problem is the army standard. for my age, the army says i should do two miles in 21 minutes. i'm not in the army obviously but if i were, every year you are older and still alive, the army lets you be fatter and slower. so i'm a little bummed that i'm slower than the standard. i'm also a little bummed that andrew is doing two miles in 17 minutes and thinks its perfectly fine that because i'm a girl, i should be slower. i didn't set goals when i started excersizing, i just wanted to be more healthy. but now i think my goal is to at least acheive the army standard, but i'd really like to be more on track with him. we'll see how this goes.


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