Friday, June 16, 2006

random thoughtfulness

i'm finally home and my weary soul has a four day weekend to recooperate and do massive amounts of laundry. in the two weeks i've been gone, apparently every spider in lexington moved to my front porch. i spent half of yesterday sweeping them all away. my front yard is very shady and the sun comes up on the other side of the apartment, so the porch is very cool in the mornings making it a perfect place to sit, relax and sip coffee. i'm currently working on a john grisham so i thought a little about it. i enjoy his books. the story itself is always so multifacited, and every character, no matter how small a role, is rich with detail. not only do you spend half the book wondering who done it but also wondering done what. generally i guess about half of it, which is good. i don't care for books or movies when you know exactly what is going to happen next, and i really dislike the ones where you couldn't possibly ever have guessed.

i also sat on the porch and thought about some of the people that have recently entered my life. for those who've know me for a while, you know that this year without andrew has been hard. i try not to complain much, he certainly has the harder end of this deal, but the sadness just creeps in until it is unbearable. i've always been the sort of person who firmly believes that God provides. the thing is though, sometimes God provides a new car and sometimes God provides bus fare, but either way you are still able to get to where you are going. so right now i can't have my husband back at home and i'm sad. but someone i know sent me a card. just because. it was a tuesday and she was thinking about me. and a couple of weeks ago, i had just parked at the grocery and was walking towards the store. someone had seen my 'half my heart is in iraq' car magnet and came up to me to say thank you, gave me a hug and everything (which was kind of weird because she was a stranger so i wasn't entirely sure if she's wasn't really trying to mug me). sometimes i'm just so impressed with people. its easy to watch the news and live your life and really feel like the world is filled to the brim with evil. deep down though, i think its just the other way around. the world is good and people are good, there's just a couple of bad apples out there making it seem like the whole thing is rotten.

where am i going with all of this? i donno.

someone is always forwarding me or posting one of those 'plight of the poor,' 'why women are better so go hug the strong woman role model in your life,' or 'repost this 10 times so this child can get a heart/blood/foot transplant' things. so i don't want to end this with 'read this a be a good person/go kiss your neighbor.' what i want to do is appreciate all the people in my life who are already doing that. the list cannot possibly be exhaustive, but thank you katie, mom and dad, andrew, rebecca, korendia, kate, ricky, russell, the guy in the airplane, and the stranger in the parking lot.


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