Saturday, June 03, 2006


i think i have now tried all the thai places in town. this isn't really a big town, so that wasn't really hard to accomplish. i think the best curry and the best eggrolls come from bangkok house on campus. and i believe that the best veggie tempura is from patchen thai on patchen drive. veggie tempura is really just deep fried veggies. the batter is a little bit different in thai than in japanese. there are very few things in life that are not better after being deep fried. its a wonder i'm not the size of a buffalo. i love to cook. i love to eat out. i love to snack, as evidenced by the number of snacks hidden away in the car and my desk at work and in every purse or bag i own. i think my parents must have done some sort of black magic because i was born tall and thin. but i think its my husband who is currently keeping me that way. see, one day at work last week, we were talking about how thin men, i mean really thin men, always end up with wives that are wildebeests. well my husband is normal boy sized. he's tall and solid and has strong shoulders. but i guess if he ever starts to waste away then i best switch to rice cakes.

the evil kitty and i are going to the vet today for a second round of shots. we were there about three weeks ago and no one died. i'm hoping to repeat the same level of success in today's visit.

and then tomorrow i'm off on a work trip. i am going to spend five days at one site and then five at another. planning the trip has been a nightmare, and even though i've checked and double checked and rechecked some more, i'm fairly sure that something isn't booked right, i just don't know what yet. i'm sure my next post will tell you all about the completely terrible, and therefore hysterical, thing that happened to me while i'm gone. i can't wait.


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