Thursday, April 10, 2008

successful midterm and book drive

mi clase de espanol esta un telenovela = my spanish class is a soap opera

so i showed up to take my midterm only to find out that my professor had been fired.

sacked. canned. terminated. all happened over spring break.

not the sort of thing you want to discover on midterm day.

apparently, as an adjunct professor, he signed up to teach more classes than allowed. i'm sure there were more issues than that. there usually are. however, my old professor was solidly community college, could not have been more relaxed or laid back, and my new professor is kind of catholic school nun except not a nun.

since then, they haven't been able to retrieve grades from the former professor. maybe the stuff i did before spring break counts and maybe it doesn't. who knows!

the sad thing is that i'm completely not surprised. most everything about nevada has been wholly, completely, unbelievably amateur. a city that is barely fifty years old and suddenly finds itself with 2 million people is kind of like a six year old. except that you can often overlook a child's mistakes because he or she does not alway realize that there are people with experience who could teach them, show them examples, while this city, or maybe state, just chooses to ignore those with experience or example. our recent health care crisis is a good example. who doesn't know that reusing needles and vials is bad??? apparently the heath care workers in nevada don't know what most every fifth grader knows. everything here is trying to reinvent the wheel, and doing it badly. goverment, schools, roads, health care, etc are all amateur, practically preschool. so my professor is fired. my grades have vanished.

which is not necessarily a bad thing...i did miss a couple of classes, and now no one is the wiser!

oh, and i was a part of a book drive for the local cmn hospital. that shares this entry because i had to make a mad dash from my midterm to the book drive. it was a raging success and we recieved tons of boxes of books for the local children's hospital!!


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