Thursday, March 27, 2008

i thought it would be great to take a class on saturdays. i would only have class once a week. i would have a whole week to prepare. it would not interfere with work. its all great except for the part of actually getting up and spending my whole saturday in a classroom. which oddly enough, i never want to do on saturday mornings when i'm all snuggly in bed.

and i had thought that my classmates were exactly the brightest bulbs in the pack. that is, until i visited another section of the class. for whatever reason, i needed to go to the tuesday/thursday night version. it was during those two (i needed to go to two to make up for one saturday class) that lasted from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, that i learned just how good i have it on saturdays. if for nothing else, the T-R people make the S people look like rocket scientists. though i would never have guessed, apparently a higher caliber of students take the saturday class, so i guess that's where i'm stuck for however long i decide to take spanish classes.

my midterm is this saturday. wish me luck!


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