Friday, January 18, 2008

getting into the community college has been a trial of near epic proportions. all i wanted was to take a refresher spanish class. you'd think i was trying to get into harvard or oxford. last week, the local news ran a story on how admissions have just plummeted and the schools just don't have a clue as to why las vegans don't want to attend local colleges. since i'm about to the point that i might just burn the school down, i think i know why admissions have declined.

it took them three months to process my online application. apparently there is no actual processing. you fill out the form online, hit submit, and then absolutely nothing happens until you get extremely huffy and impatient and call the school. once you call the school, they check the box that says admitted.

then i had to go through the process of becoming an instate student. you get this automatically after having lived here 12 months, but there are other options if you haven't been here 12 months, like moving here for my job, which i did. so i filled out the forms, gave them my taxes, a letter from my work, a copy of my NV ID, and a copy of a recent utility bill. i want to be very clear that this was everything the form asked; andrew double checked my work and everything. i was denied. the denial letter said i had to bring in 12 months of bills. #$&*@. if i had 12 months of utility bills, i would just be a resident, having lived here 12 months and i wouldn't be trying to qualify under special less than 12 month circumstances. so i waited and gave them 12. i was approved, but the website, where you register for classes and then pay was not updated.

they told me it was ok. i wouldn't be dropped from my class as long as i paid something. the website was charging me nonstate tuition. i only needed to pay the portion that was real and eventually the rest would be removed, once the website was updated (i suspect this only happens like with admissions. after angry phone calls).

the website won't let you pay only a portion of your bill. you have to pay in full. so since i didn't pay, since they were still over charging me, i was dropped from early registration. more or less that means i had to go back to the back of the line. after everyone else got a chance, i got to register again. but with the same problem: i couldn't pay only a portion and therefore would just get dropped again.

yesterday the website was finally updated. today is the last possible day to register.

i have registered for my stupid refresher course. i have paid, though my confirmation email has not shown up yet. either my credit card did not got through and i'll be dropped, or my card did go through but by some fluke i've paid for fifteen hundred other people's tuition, or a meteor will fall on the classroom and the class will be cancelled.


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