Sunday, February 03, 2008

super weekend

happy anniversary to zoecat! we adopted her the saturday before the superbowl last year. then she hid in the closet all saturday and all sunday until about the half time show. so right about now is when she came out of the closet and joined the garland family.

also this weekend i've decided i miss chili. we do potlucks at work on about a monthly basis and for a while now i've been campaigning for a chili day. but everytime i'm completely shot down by everyone except my boss, who's also from ky (northern ky, nearly cinncinati). then it occured to me that maybe no one else is a fan of chili because either they don't have a minor addiction to three way chili (if you are from greater cinci you know this means on top of spaghetti with a load of cheddar cheese on top. four way is with onions too. five also has red beans.) or because it doesn't really get cold enough here to justify big chili and soup fests. though the sad confession is that i've never actually made normal chili. i've got a great veggie chili recipe but i've never made real normal chili. so i found a recipe, i bought all the stuff, i've fixed it all up, and then i snacked all day on wings and chips and cheese sticks and leftover pizza. i'm completely not hungry and i haven't tried my chili that's been simmering away all day. it smells great though. and hey, chili always gets better the next day, right? i guess i'll let you know tomorrow...


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